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Indie Film Moonrise Kingdom a Whimsical Star-Studded Hit for the Polk Theatre

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The crowd lined the sidewalk of South Florida Avenue and made its way through the entrance as the Polk Theatre opened its doors and began ticket sells to the hit indie flick, Moonrise Kingdom this past weekend. Polk Theatre

The throng of people eagerly awaiting the start of the film made it evident that the Polk Theatre is a practical alternative to the typical cinema experience, and an inexpensive one as well. For many, the idea of spending $20 to watch a movie at the theater is expected for the cost of two adult tickets. At the Polk Theatre, $20 will not only pay for two adults tickets ($7 each), but will cover the cost of two bottled waters and a small popcorn.

The theater has been featuring independent and foreign films on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for a number of years now. With an audience of mixed ages and genders, it makes the perfect outing for a night out with the girls or a date night with someone special.Polk Theatre Organ

As with all movie showings, while guests made their way through concessions and to their seats, an organist entertained audiences until the feature film began.

About the Film:

Moonrise Kingdom is a whimsical tale of two young lovers who flee their homes in pursuit of being together. This star-studded independent film is a comedy, drama and romance all wrapped up into one. Directed by the quirky Wes Anderson and filled with a cast of well-recognized names including Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton, Moonrise Kingdom is a film worth seeing. With a May premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, this 2012 movie has received high critical acclaim, and Polk Theatre audiences have responded with the same approval as evidenced by the crowd’s applause as the end credits began rolling.

For audiences who may have missed the Theatre’s showing of Moonrise Kingdom, the film will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray mid-October. Visitors and residents both can enjoy the theater experience with this weekend’s showing: Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Film Times:
Fri, Aug 31:  7:30 PM
Sat, Sept. 1: 7:30 PM
Sun, Sept. 2: 2:00 PM

About the Theatre:

The Polk Theatre, originally built in 1928, takes you back in time and gives you the feeling of sitting in a historic, open-air Venetian theater with its high balcony, piazza backdrop, ornate light fixtures and cloud-covered ceiling. With 84 years to its name, the rich history behind the theater, including a 1956 performance by “The King” Elvis himself comes as no surprise. In fact, the theater is among the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and Polk Theatre stageone of the only atmospheric theaters in the state.

This historic Polk landmark is located at 121 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, Florida, and rates are as listed:

Adults: $7
Seniors/Students: $5
Children: $4 (12 & under)

To contact the Polk Theatre, please call 863-682-7553.

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