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Safari Wilderness Ranch Offers Visitors an Experience Unlike Any Other in Polk

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Looking for a wild adventure in Polk County? Embark upon a journey unlike any other in the area when you arrive at Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland. Here, you can not only take a vehicle safari tour across the 260 acres of pristine wilderness, but can also find a petting area, llama, horse and camel rides, budgie and lemur feeding, and an outdoor bird aviary. For those looking for transportation other than by vehicle and craving a more exotic rare experience, try traveling by carriage or atop a camel.

Begin your ranch visit at the petting zoo where you will see an array of friendly animals including both small and large pigs, cows, goats, horses and even porcupines. Here, you can get up close to the animals, pet them and learn interesting facts such as how rough a cow’s tongue actually is.

The next spot to visit before you embark upon your adventure is the camel area. If you have never been near a camel, this is your chance! See, and maybe even feel, these unusually shaped animals with surprisingly long eyelashes. For those feeling brave and craving more of a wild experience, take a ride atop one. Both camel tours and ten-minute rides are available to guests.
See video of a camel safari when you click here

Now it’s time to hop aboard the canopy-covered vehicle, horse-drawn carriage or camel back to begin your Central Florida safari. As you set out on your adventure, you will travel across the wilderness of the ranch and make your way through the “continents”, finding animals native to each particular area. These hundreds of animals, all from Africa, Asia and the Americas, now make Safari Wilderness Ranch their home. Enjoy the sunny weather of a pleasant Florida day and the natural air of the outdoors along the tour.

Be on the lookout for herds of exotic animal such as ostrich, eland, waterbuck, zebra, Red Lechwe, kudu, deer, Watusi cattle, water buffalo and antelope, and don’t miss a couple of unusual animals called zedonks. Although, you most likely have not heard the name “zedonk” before, you are probably able to guess that this creature is a cross between both a zebra and donkey.

Unlike other tours, this safari ride makes special stops along the way allowing guests a better understanding of the rare and endangered species including one interactive stop with the opportunity to hand-feed the Watusi cattle from your seat.

Don’t be surprised when you are lead by extremely knowledgeable staff of all ages. The guides are not only passionate about animals, but are eager to share their vast knowledge of the subject with you.

After you explore the ranch’s exotic wetland species, don’t forget to wander through the outdoor bird aviary. Take the time to feed the budgie parakeets, one of the world’s smallest parrots. Feed up to one hundred of these Australian natives, and then continue through the aviary into the lemur habitat for the opportunity to share a handful of grapes with these polite and gentle creatures before you leave.

Whether you are in the area on vacation, planning a group outing or just a local of the area, come to this Lakeland ranch and experience Safari Wilderness for yourself! You will be surprised at what you discover right here in Polk County.

Tours run daily at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and there are never any worries of crowds or long lines since visits are made by reservations. Call the ranch at 813-382-2120 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to book your tour now.

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